Single-Source Assemblies for Complex Products

Assemblies for production engines, jet engines, fuel pumps and other complex products need to offer the cutting edge of precision and performance. If your productivity is affected by managing multiple vendors, or if you’re unhappy with the current performance of your assembly process, find out how you can enjoy single-source convenience with Performance Assembly Solutions.

Traditional Assembly Lines

Our services offer the latest features of modern assembly lines. Assemblies for production engines started with the Industrial Revolution and have continued to be improved upon for the past 100 years. Initially, complex objects were made by a single individual small group. Even if it took multiple, complicated tasks to finish the product, a single expert would receive all the training and complete all the tasks for an end-to-end manufacturing process.

This was a costly and inefficient way to work. The advent of the assembly line allowed workers to focus on a single, repetitive task and move the product from station to station in less time and with less expertise necessary. After Henry Ford perfected the assembly line in the automotive industry, this strategy for breaking down complex projects into manageable steps has been successfully used in a wide range of applications.

Digital Technology and the Future of Assembly Lines

Modern assemblies for production engines and other complex systems need to integrate digital advances with time-tested assembly line strategies. Instead of a fully linear, mechanical approach, modern assembly lines feature these high-tech updates:

  • Collaboration between robotics and humans
  • Real-time data collection with IIoT devices
  • Dynamic operations with various lines and cells, rather than a single, linear approach

These features come together to create an assembly line that’s more efficient and capable of handling more complex processes. Modern manufacturers can use these strategies to stay in tune with the process and continue to eliminate inefficiencies.

Innovative Solutions for Single-Source Convenience

At Performance Assembly Solutions, we offer these state-of-the-art assembly line innovations to create custom assemblies for production engines and other products in your industry. Here are just a few expert capabilities we rely on to provide you with cutting-edge products at affordable prices.

Comprehensive Program Management

From start to finish, the entire project is guided by a detailed management plan. We carefully design and engineer an assembly line that delivers complex components at low costs. Thorough management services reduce the risk of manufacturing flaws, excess costs and other inefficiencies.

A single-source contractor makes it easy to make alterations in the production process. If you’re working with multiple vendors on a single system, altering a single component can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Communicate any change in the process to a single professional at a single-source management company to ensure the entire assembly line is on the same page.

Complete Module Assembly

Module assembly gives you the specialized support you need for custom components, but allows us to alter the outdated, linear design of assemblies for production engines. Module assembly allows us to bring together various components at various stages of completion to create a single, finished product.

Precision Engineering and Design Services

Work with a team that boasts industry-leading clients and cutting-edge innovations in complex products. From an affordable automotive intake manifold to a completely custom jet engine, our engineering and design services offer the precision you need to complete your project.

OEM Repairs

In addition to full assemblies for production engines, you may need minor repairs. A plant that’s equipped for a traditional linear approach may not have the resources or flexibility to offer rapid repairs. At Performance Assembly Solutions, our team can troubleshoot and repair OEM damages at any stage of your engines, oil filters or other complex products.

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